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About us

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Willow is a sustainability advisory firm working with awesome companies in a variety of fascinating fields, from impact investing to retail, fashion, and telecommunications.

We think that Einstein was totally right by saying:

‘If you cannot explain it simply, then you do not understand it well enough’.

One thing is sure about us: we understand sustainability to perfection.

Straight to the point

What we do

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  • Sustainability strategy design and implementation, combined with an effective communication plan​

  • Decarbonisation & climate roadmap

  • Climate targets setting, SBTi aligned

  • Preparing your business to comply with EU sustainability legislation
  • KPIs and metrics to measure your sustainability performance

  • Sustainability data management

  • CSRD preparation & gap analysis​

  • Double materiality assessment

  • Stakeholder engagement

Examples of our services

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Sustainability Strategy

Set short and long-term targets that matter to your business and customers. Understand how to create engaging stories around them.

Climate Roadmap

Prepare climate target scenarios

(science-based) and design climate strategy to make your business ready for implementation.

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Sustainability Reporting

We help you create a strategic plan of action going from data collection to final report consolidation - credible and compliant with upcoming CSRD or related disclosure regulations.

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The team at Willow

Galina Parmenter, Founder

Galina Parmenter has over 12 years of experience working with companies, policymakers and other stakeholders in multiple industries such as fashion, telecommunications and automotive.

She was part of the Global Sustainability Team at the fashion company C&A for several years. Afterwards, she became an ESG Senior Advisor at Yettel Bulgaria (former Telenor) where she set up the company's five-year Sustainability Strategy, awarded ‘Best Strategy in the Telco Sector’ by PwC in 2022.

Galina has a Post-Graduate Degree in Sustainable Business from the University of Cambridge.

Neda Shishmanova, Project Manager

Neda has a degree in aquatic sciences from the University of Stirling which introduced her to the concept of sustainability and allowed her to develop strong analytical, problem-solving and data management skills.

Most recently, Neda worked for the social mobility charity In2scienceUK as a Programme Officer on aspects such as programme delivery and project coordination.

She has a strong interest in ethical consumerism and sustainable systems and is committed to making a positive impact on the environment and society.

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We also work with a network of sustainability professionals, data experts and project leaders in the pursuit of the same goal: guiding businesses on their sustainability journey.

Our ways of working

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We listen to understand your point of view​

You task us with the case studies and questions for which you are seeking expert opinion and an external outlook. We listen to your viewpoint, while also looking at those of other players to offer you industry insights and solutions from a wide spectrum of options.​

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We analyse to solve your challenges​

We love puzzles. Feel free to lay out your challenges and thorniest issues. We will collect the data, dive into it and analyse it to uncover underlying issues and identify the potential solutions.​

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We help you achieve your goals ​

We have your back. We offer you a set of different options, but we also help you prepare convincing presentations and get buy-in from your leadership.​

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Still here?

If you are looking for a sustainability expert or partner, get in touch.

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Willow Sustainability Ltd. | Brussels, BELGIUM